All about... Chotskibelle

Chotskibelle is the doodle version of Sherilyn, who came to life through the pages of her Hobonichi illustrated journal. Chotskibelle's various facial expressions and body postures helped express Sherilyn's emotions and thoughts in the form of doodles, instead of written journal entries. Over the years, Chotskibelle the doodle, has developed her own identity... together with her cats.

Through Sherilyn's love of doodling, other characters have been introduced in her Hobonichi illustrated journal - Grogo (the After-Lunch Sleepy Monster), Stubborn Flu (the obnoxious flu virus that overstayed its welcome), Emmeline, Rin-Chan... and, Bi & Boo, the Migraine Bunnies! Following the online store's revamp, these characters will be re-released in the future.

With such positive support from the planner community who enjoyed reading about Chotskibelle and her daily life on Instagram, Chotskibelle and her friends have been made into sticker sets - just for you! 

In addition to our sticker sets. we've curated a few of our favourite stationery items. We hope that you'll find something you like... Happy Shopping!